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Posted on 2006.09.12 at 15:57
Current Location: telhio teller box
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: panic at the disco
So another day another dollar...yay work...not..neways so yea dylan has been doing great in soccer he has won his last like three games i think...he beat desales 4-0 and the people last night 6-1...i think he is doing amazing. yea and my school is sucking really bad and it is week two of session b summer...oh geez i have 7 weeks and i dont think im going to survive these two classes...idk mayb i will give it another and decide if i wana keep them..it was spur of the moment neways so i guess it doesnt really metter too much...idk...so yea i am soo excited about moving...i want to sooo bad...its like we have already waited so long with the knowledge that we are going to move that i just want out...ahhhh...neways yea im finally in a down time at work...it seems like everyytime i have a second here the next is an ambush of people...and when there is only one person and no one is busy guess who hasta get it...me...meh...its all good though..at least im getting paid good money for it...well neways my down time is coming to a sad end...and besides idk what else to say anyways...well bye for now...cant wait until i get off work!...i get to watch greys anatomy season 2 with my love and have dinner with him to!

ok so before i sent this my manager wanted to meet with me and totally just told me that she is so impressed with my work and wants me to advance to what the people who were hired two months ago are doing...she totally told me that she thinks i am so good and wants me to just go far...she also told me that in three months (the minimum time to advance from a msr1 to an msr2) she wants me to start the training to become a msr2...she told me that i am the first to ever be told to make goals and stuff this early and the earliest to be wanted as a msr2 ..omg that boosted my day BUNCHES!

Posted on 2006.09.09 at 20:58
Current Location: my fuckin kitchen
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: osu fight song
Ok so yesterday i tried like three or four times to write in this damn journal but it didnt work...I was soo fuckin busy...i hate fridays at credit unions...omg...so yea neways i survuved my second offical alone day at work...yay!...i also went over to erins last night and we spent forever just chillin and talking...oh yea and news flash...we hafta move back our moving date yet again...to oct 27-29..however...it WILL NOT move back anymore...so there it is...thats when im outta here...thank god..neways im incredibly bored and have been ALLLLL DAY...yea so im gona go..

another day

Posted on 2006.09.01 at 12:41
Current Location: telhio credit union
Current Mood: blankand tired
Current Music: hinder- lips of an angel
ok so today I have a final exam for my work training...yikes...anyways I am a bit nervous because its about the history and other shit about telhio but meh i guess i will do ok...it is yet again another lunch break so that means i can post!...yea so i hope everyone is having an awesome time back at colleges and schools...I finished my first session this sunday then start another session on tuesday...yay...not...i hope frickin bg will get those transcripts in soon so i can start in winter at osu!...so yea I saw the Wickerman last night...wow...can we say twisted...lol...the ending wasnt the best but i liked the movie...u should go see it sometime...yea so Dylan started st. chuckies on monday and just like any freshman...its boring...anyways...my fuckin computer just erased half of my post so i guess im shit out of luck...sigh...lol...yea things have been going pretty good for me lately...i am happy...im trying to ignore the one thing that makes me not happy...mom...she is an ungrateful bitch...yea but i shuold be out of the house soon so thats ok i guess...neways i hope to hear from everyone soon...and if your interested in being apart of the alumni band just let me know...i think we can make this awesome...neways i am done...


Posted on 2006.08.31 at 13:00
Current Location: telhio
HELLO ALL....ok its been a long frickin summer and I cant even touch how much has been going on..esp right now because I am at work and I have only an alloted time on here...anyways I am staying at home for school and going to start osu in the winterish....stupid fuckin bg....neways...it is very stressful still not having a laptop and the internet...sigh...i feel like i havent talked to anyone like i did before. well anyways yea...dj and i are moving oout soon...yay....we will hopefully be moving about oct first now...yea things have changed...it was supposed to be sept first but w.e....neways....I get to see the wickerman tonight at 10pm...YAY....oh and I have a new job at telhio credit union in worthington....and it is sooooo fun....yea so that was fun well my time is up...gotta go....i will hopefully be posting soon after this and not like months after..lol...well leave me a message i miss u all...LOVE YA...BYE!!!

Posted on 2006.04.29 at 19:57
so yea I have one week left which is finals week....involves one final at 830am on monday and the other at 330 pm on friday...God hates me...good news tho is dj is coming up on tuesday for the week!!!!

and yea so the past two weeks have been hell w.o a comp of my own... i apologize to all i havent been around much but damn i am hating this shit too...but yea it sux

omg so i have done MUCH better this semester...so far i have like gotten out of or have finished before all my exams for my classes except two...im excited...i also have As in all those classes!!!!...my exam on wednesday i have to get an 85 on to get an A for the semester (easy shit)...and my one on friday i have to get a 93 on to get an A..(tougher shit) but i think i can do it...i have been studying for the past few nites like two hours each nite and plan to continue until the test like that..so if that doesnt give me a fuckin 93 then just kill me...(damn i hate his exams)...neways but if i do manage that 93 i will have a 4.0 this sem which brings my cumm gpa to a 2.3..(yea last sem was TERRIBLE)...neways woo hoo...thats like one of the very few plus things in my life right now...pathetic

neways...i just wana get out of this fuckin school rite now...everything is fucking falling apart and i just am done...i would explain the falling apart issue but dont feel like it i guess...

well one more week....woo hoo i guess...oh and i hate the mail and the entire mail system....GRRRRRRRRRR...i was supposed to have a fuckin thing on thursday bc it was sent on fuckin tuesday but ITS STILL NOT HERE...GRRR...AND WITHIN THAT PIECE OF MAIL IS SOMETHING THAT I FUCKING NEED...GRRR...im going back to bed b4 i hurt something...

God does really love me

Posted on 2006.04.01 at 16:02
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: men playin outside
omg God has answered my prayers...lol...i went down for lunch and guess what was there in front of me....CINNAMON ROLLS....oh boy it is yummy too...well that is all


Posted on 2006.04.01 at 12:36
Current Mood: touchedmeh just meh

omg its finally april im sooo happy that means LESS SCHOOL TO GO TIL IM OUT!!!!!


Ok so I totally got up this morning in hopes i get a cinnamon roll bc they are soooooooo tasty but i get down there and....NOTHING...i was in a grrrness factor....all i want is a damn cinnamon roll and they only have them on saturday and sunday morning....this has cut into my yummy cinnamon rollness for the week....

in other news...my mom is bein a bitch yet again....does that suprise anyone...no...thats wat i thought....its sibling weekend next weekend and dylan and i decided i was going to go down to columbus and chill there so i can see the musical and all that jazz....well mom decided to change everything...supposivly now she wants to come up here and just stay in a hotel and they will greyhound it back....bull shit....but yea and she told me that I was the one trying to control and be selfish of the sibling weekend....yea ok

neways I will be bored today til about 10pm....i hafta study for my human sexuality exam on tuesday...I hafta get a 89 and a 90 on my next tests to get an A in the course....but then after 10 i can study human sexuality but not the written part...te he he

yea so i think its nap time again for me...i didnt go to bed til bout 630 this mornin and i gotta b rested for my love to come up tonight!!!!!!!! (in cant wait) so yea thats all the news so far...i hope i get my exam scores for the music theory exam i took yesterday soon bc i am very very very curious to kno and i hope i did really really good....well im off for now...

Posted on 2006.03.30 at 23:41
Current Mood: sadsad
So yea today has been long and boring
I woke up and went to eat lunch and then got ready and went to class
then after class went to do an extra credit survey for that class
then threw a football around for about an hour and a half
then went to a frickin Athletic Band meeting and found out i dont get paid til the end of the semester....grr...just fuckin grr

so i feel really unloved and uncared about right now and to top it off my fuckin roomie decided to make fun of my relationship and then tell dj that he cant spend more than two nights up here....fuckin bitch...she said that its her room but if im not mistaken its mine too and there has never been a problem before...wtf...well come exam week too damn bad bc he will stay from tuesday night til i leave and idc wat the fuck she says

neways...i am gonna go cry myself to sleep or sumthin so w/e

Posted on 2006.03.30 at 12:13
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Stacy snoring
So yea I have been looking for jobs like no tomorrow for the summer. I am just about sick of it..lol...I hope I get a good one because that would suck if I didnt.

I was very very very very excited because I talked to nia the other day and it has been awhile and the convo was glorious...esp her interpretation on the drop zone...LMAO...I love Nia!

It is major study week for me the rest of this week and half of next...the tests I have coming include:
Music Theory on Friday
Human Sexuality on Tuesday
Social Psychology on Wednesday

After those I should be a little less worried about grades (or mayb more) but yea I cant wait til they are over

So yea I am really bored/tired...I just applied for a job here at the Cafeteria type thing in my dorm because they have signs up and around saying jobs just opened (the fact that we have a month left of school obviously doesnt mean a thing) But yea a little extra money would be glorious...i hope I get in.

But yea it is lunch time and I am going to eat...

Posted on 2006.03.26 at 17:42
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: "Freak on a leash"-korn
So today I woke up early just to have breakfast and boy it was Gooood...i had a pancake, a cinnamon roll, and sausage...yummy
but then after that i decided that i needed a new look for my livejournal so here it is....i like it a lot so if you ppl dont...ummm idc..lol..jk neways..
dj is comin up tonight right after work so that will b nice to have someone around and keep me company...
as of right now i just went to our student union and got three much needed items...a new toothbrush (yay finally i can get rid of the other one), more deodorant (just in time..lol) and TWEEZERS (lost my others and def need them)
so yea i get to take a lovely and long shower in a few minutes...woo hoo
oh yes and news flash i forgot to put up awhile ago...I FINALLY GOT MY CAR FIXED!!...yea its been fixed for about 3ish weeks but i forgot to mention it...shame on me i kno...but yea i was excited...
well neways i should probably get on that shower now but i will leave on this final note....

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